Dressed skins - Dressed s

Dressed skins are packed in bundles 50 pcs. Each color separatel packed.

Air-dried skins - Air-dried skins

Air-dried skins are packed in bales 300-500 pcs in each depending on grades of skins for storing and transportation. Bales are bound with a polypropylene tape.

In summer bales are processed with special chemicals before shipment to prevent appearance of bugs in skins. Dimensions of bales are: 60Х80Х60 cm.
Bale weight is 60-100 kg depending on skin grades

Frozen skins - Frozen rabbit skins

Frozen skins are packed in briquettes 25 pcs in each for storing and transportation. A briquette is placed in a polypropylene package.
Dimensions of briquettes are: 40Х30Х10 cm.

Scraps - Scraps

Scraps are packed in polypropylene bags. Six bags are pressed in a bale bound with a PP tape.
Weight of a bale is 65-75 kg. Dimensions: -70X70X80 cm.