Grades of rabbit skins

Size of skins

Skin colors



I grade

This grade incorporates wooly skins with well-formed guard hairs and fluff and clean inner leather side of the hide. Skins with a little underdeveloped guard hairs and fluff, with blueness of the inner side of the hide on belly and sides up to 2 cm from the edge on either side (when using a frame) and on the rump up to 5cm from the edge are allowed. Also skins with blueness spots on the inner side of the hide located more than 2cm from the skin edge and on the rump, more than 5cm from the edge are accepted, if the area of such spots does not exceed 1% of the total skin area.

II grade

Wooly skins with underdeveloped guard hairs and fluff having solid or intermittent blueness on the inner side of hide. In the middle of the backbone the inner side of the hide should be clean or with light blueness. Wooly skins but a little overripe with dull partially falling out guard hairs and also with signs of the first grade are allowed

III grade

covers wooly skins with low guard hairs and fluff, having intermittent or solid blueness.


III + IV grade

covers skins with thin guard hairs and fluff or being at the stage of active shedding of hair, overripe, deprived of guard hairs on the backbone or unripe with low undercoat, having solid or intermittent blueness on the inner side of hide. Also skins with defects, exceeding norms, set for defective skins (but not more than on 5% of the area), and cuts of the inner side of the hide up to half as long again belong here. Skins irrespective of “bites” available with traces of hair shedding and damaged by fur bugs or moth, if the damage does not exceed 50% of the skin area, as well as lump skins are allowed. Skins with downy hair coverage are estimated not more than the third grade irrespective of size and imperfections. The character of hair coverage of skins is determined by organoleptical methods.


Extra large rabbits - more than 15 dm2;
Large rabbits - 12-15 dm2.
A standard rabbit - 8-12 dm2 and less.
Dried frozen skins – 5-10 dm2.

Skin area is determined by multiplying its length from the middle between eyes to the tail root by full width, measured in the middle of the skin with accuracy up to 1 cm. Head part is not calculated.

Example: Skin length – 60 cm, width -35 cm, area of such a skin equals to 60×35=2 100 . By size such skin belongs to especially large ones – “A” .. Skins not meeting requirements of the fourth grade are not acceptable, as well as torn or cut into three parts and more (cuttings), skins of young rabbits with primary downy hair coverage irrespective of the area. Rabbit skins by their area in sq. cm, weight, thickness of the inner side of hide, density of the hair coat, length and thinness of hairs and other indications are not homogeneous over the entire area.

Extra large rabbits

Large rabbits

standard rabbit