Our company sell rabbit skins of Ukrainian origin. We collect them from small farms in all over Ukraine and then select, grade and repack at our warehouse in Kharkov (Kharkiv). We sell raw rabbit skins of two types of preservation:

1. Air-dried rabbit skins
2. Frozen rabbit skins

1. Air-dried rabbit skins – these skins are used for both dressing (fur) and cutting (felt) processes.

Such pelts come from domestic rabbits, they are skinned whole and undergo the process of natural air drying using special frames at temperature +5… + 25 degrees С. Most skins we collect are of the following breeds: Grey Giant, White Giant, Soviet Chinchilla, Soviet Marder, Butterfly. These rabbits that are grown in small domestic farms and are slaughtered at an adult age and by the moment of slaughter they have weight about 4-4,5kg and body length 52-56 cm. So such pelts have good quality fur and a big size. Besides, high quality of fur is due to natural fodder the rabbits are fed with.

We sell 3 types of skins: I+II (fur grade), III (fur grade) and III+IV (felt grade).

Average percent relationship of skins by size in a marketable lot is as follows:
small skins ( area less than 13 sq. dm) 20%
large skins (area 13-16 sq. dm.) 50%
extra large skins (area more than 16 30%

Average percent relationship of skins by colors in a marketable lot:
white: 10- 15%   grey (chinchilla type): 20-25%  light brown: 30-35%
black: 5-10%   spotted (butterfly): 15-20%   other: up to 5%

We also sell dressed rabbit skins and rabbit skins scrap:

1.1. Fur grade:

These skins are used for dressing and manufacture of high quality fur coates and accessories.

The average weight of fur skins makes 200-220 g.

Package - 300-400 pcs per bale.

1.2. Cutting skins (felt skins) grade:

These skins are used mainly for getting hair (fluff) by shearing off. Rabbit hair is used to make hats (cow boy hats), as well as clothes and natural heat insulation materials.

Also such skins may be used for dressing in order to manufacture lining fur.

The average weight of felt skins makes 150-160 g in summer and 180-190 g in winter.

Package -500 pcs per bale. White skins are packed separately.

Average yield of hair is 28-40%


2. Frozen rabbit skins.

Such skins come from rabbits grown at larde farms. Rabbits are slaughtered at the age of 75-90 days. Skins are taken off whole and undergo the process of s freezing. Afterwards they are stored in briquettes of 25 skins in each at temperature -25.

Most (95%) frozen skins have white color and are used for dressing and dyeing.